“Believe in yourself, push your limits, experience life, conquer your goals, and be happy” (unknown).

Hello, I am Jami and if you can’t tell, I am a photographer. I am a creative, type A, energetic, kick-ass-horse-loving mom of two. One week you will find me shooting for a band in LA and the next week I’ll be stopping around in my boots trying to capture the perfect shot of a llama by a barn. I was born in California but my home now lies in Washington with my two kids, a dog named Hunter, and a horse named Baby. I love capturing the in-between moments, the moments when you’re not aware that a camera is on you, the moments that are genuine and authentic. I am passionate about outdoor photography and am a master of catching the best natural light. Not only do I shoot commercially, but I also photograph weddings and creative portraits.

Behind the Scenes

I am a self-taught professional who busted her ass working my way from taking pictures of kids all the way to editorial photos for magazines. The things that I love about my job is taking the role of art director for a creative shoot. Picking the bits and pieces of the outfits and artistic aspects behind my shoots is one of my specialties. So here is my work. My pieces. My passions.


Adicora Swimwear, Brotherton Cadillac, David Lawrence, Josie Bissett, Kathy Mensah, Microsoft, Nala Seattle, O'Shaughnessey Apparel, Report Footwear, Sackcloth and Ashes, The Bellevue Collection, Tonik Cycling,  UNIONBAY, & Wrangler Jeans.


Bisous Magazine, Dreamer Journal, Papercut Magazine, Fantastics Magazine Institute Magazine, Seattle Met, Seattle Magazine, 425 Magazine, Western Horse UK, and DLIST Magazine. 

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